Faith & Co.

Faith & Co. is a documentary film series and online courses produced by CIB. Faith & Co. highlights the struggles and triumphs of people living out business as their calling. Filmed across three continents in a wide range of industries, these inspiring examples provoke questions and provide insights about how to act as a faithful follower of Christ in business.

Season 1, Business on Purpose, presents a series of evocative short films which inspire and equip people in business to approach work as service to God and the common good. This season offers the idea that the purpose of business, under God, is to serve. Filmed in four countries, the films feature stories of Christians living out their calling in a variety of industries.

Season 2, Serving Employeesexplores how faith shapes the way organizations engage with and manage employees.  Filmed across six states, the films feature stories of companies wrestling the practical challenges of implementing scriptural principles in the workplace.

Our current offerings include:

Seasons 3 and 4 are currently being produced and will include 16 additional films and two additional online courses.

  • Season 3, Serving Customers, will examine how faith informs the ways companies develop and maintain authentic relationships with customers.
  • Season 4, Serving the World, will consider how faith shapes the ways businesses serve communities and care for creation.  

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