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Business Matters to God

At CIB we believe that business matters to God.

God made this world and cares about it. God cares about it so much that even though the creation had fallen far from his original plan, he sent Christ to reconcile it to himself. We are called to participate in God’s work of reconciliation, and business has a role to play.

In Why Business Matters to God, Jeff Van Duzer suggests that the two primary purposes of business are to provide goods and services that all may flourish and to provide meaningful employment.  When businesses do these things, they are fulfilling their purpose; they are making their unique contribution to the establishment of God’s kingdom, a kingdom of wholeness, of peace, and of shalom.

Because business matters to God, how we do business is of great significance.  We invite you to join us as we ask hard questions, dive deep into scripture, theology, and business practices, and explore what it looks like to work as God’s servants in the world of business.

News & Events

September, 2020 – The Pollard Fellowship Online Presentations will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, October 27 from 1-2:30 p.m, Pacific Time. 2019 Pollard Scholars Dr. Helen Chung and Dr. Marcus Brauer will introduce their papers and discuss their findings. Visit the event registration page for more information.

September, 2020 – Registration is now open for our online course, Faith & Co: Business on Purpose. The course started on September 21, 2020, but you can still register for the free version of the course.

March, 2020 – We’re praying for your health and safety in this confusing and anxiety filled time, but we hope you’ll consider using this as an opportunity for learning, reflection, and formation with us.

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Our goal is to help people integrate their faith with their work in the world of business. We seek partners from across the spectrum of business, academia and church to help us accomplish this mission. Please consider supporting supporting CIB.

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